Dental practice cleaning service in Norwich      




Dental practices have their own unique challenges

Attention to detail is critical due to the valuable equipment that is around. I have learned the challenges of cleaning dental offices and have excelled at overcoming them. When you need someone that has done this type of cleaning before, look no further.
I am a well-educated person with Epidemiology inspector Bachelor's degree. I have checked hygiene conditions at hospitals, medical practices, dental practices, pharmacies for 10 years. Besides I worked as a dental practice cleaner for 5 years in Norwich.
Having worked with clients in the medical and healthcare sector for more than 10 years now, Zeus-cleaning can deliver a thorough, dependable cleaning service for all medical and healthcare service providers, including doctors’ surgeries, dental practices, and veterinary clinics.

I can provide during my service:

  • All chemicals
  • All equipment (national color-coded tools and hoover with Hepa-filter)
  • Risk assessment
  • Safety data sheets of chemicals
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Valuable background and info:

  • Full Hepatitis-B immunization
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