Medical Practice cleaning service in Norwich

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Medical practice cleanings are a different type of beast.
I am a well-educated person with Epidemiology inspector Bachelor's degree. I have checked hygiene conditions at hospitals, medical practices, dental practices, pharmacies for 10 years. Besides I worked as a medical practice cleaner for 5 years in Norwich.
I have learned all the details to watch for when cleaning these types of facilities. I understand that cleaning for looks is secondary. Making sure the building is disinfected and safe is our priority number one.
Having worked with clients in the medical and healthcare sector for more than 10 years now, Zeus-cleaning can deliver a thorough, dependable cleaning service for all medical and healthcare service providers, including doctors’ surgeries, dental practices, and veterinary clinics. 
Cleaner adheres to strict confidentiality agreements, security clearance checks, and operational protocols that ensure our medical cleaning services are provided in a highly-controlled environment. I have a proven track record for exceeding industry expectations and incorporating best practices in the sanitation of work environments.

Medical cleaning services typically involve cleaning the following areas:

  • reception
  • waiting rooms
  • treatment rooms
  • offices
  • toilet and washroom areas
  • lunchrooms and kitchenettes
  • windows

I can provide during my service:

  • All chemicals
  • All equipment (national color-coded tools and hoover with Hepa-filter)
  • Risk assessment
  • Safety data sheets of chemicals
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Valuable background and info:

  • Full Hepatitis-B immunization